NYC Triathlon

I just got back from the NYC Triathlon this past weekend. This was my first triathlon traveling without my wife. It was a challenge to say the least, but she had set me up for success before I left and when I arrived in NYC I was greeted by the next best handler, miss Janet from Achillies Freedom Team. With traveling to the city, it was difficult to manage my large truck through the streets and small parking areas. I was unable to find a parking garage that was willing to allow my truck in it and was advised to park at a museum. Once I parked my truck, I was not willing to get back in and drive anywhere. Janet and I walked where we needed to go, and unfortunately spent more energy than necessary. Between parking and check in things were a little more than what I am used to when my wife is there.

I went into this race pretty relaxed. A few days before the race they had actually shortened the distance for the bike and run as we planned for extreme heat. I went up the night before the race and left after it was over. It was very nice traveling somewhere that was only four hours away and manageable in a day's drive. I was excited to swim in the Hudson River. I know that sounds awful with how disgusting it is, but it was very iconic to be in NYC and swimming in the Hudson and finishing the race in central park where so many people dream of one day going.

I finished the race 1st in my division and 4th overall para-athletes. This judging or finish was different than what I am used to in World Para-Triathlon. I obviously would have liked to have done better, but I also feel that the way they score the finishers is very fair.

This was the last race of the summer. We have some plans for the fall and a few other things we are getting into, but this will wrap up my summer racing. After looking back over this weekend as we always do, I realize some areas where I could have improved. The day before the race I was so worried about driving all through the city with my truck being so big I probably gave more effort to that day then we normally do before a race. In addition, with as relaxed as I was going into the race, I did not properly prepare for good nutrition, which can just throw off any day for me let alone a race. I just didn't have it in me. But I am glad to be home and glad to have had that release of energy before our family vacation.

Until next time,

Team Stinson