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Family Fun

Two weekends ago my daughter and I completed her first triathlon. Although it was clear we both do not feel the same about triathlons, we had fun and celebrated at Chipotle, her celebratory meal of choice. We did have fun though and she did great, coming in second in her age category.

It was a blessing to be able to sleep in our own beds the night before a race. Tes and I even joked that it was our best hotel stay. We knew the town and did not need to worry about rental cars and if they would be big enough to haul all of our equipment. We were able to wake up the next morning with our own coffee and at a reasonable time. Not only was all that a treat, but it was nice to celebrate our daughter and her physical ability to do this race.

Some family was able to come out and the race was no pressure and all fun. It was a great change in race mentality to remember the fun of the sport and just simply enjoy it. There are limits to some of the things I can participate in with my kids so this was a treat to be able to enjoy this sport with my daughter.

In the meantime, I am working hard at my training for upcoming races. This morning I had to have my lovely wife rescue me from a flat tire. She had luckily just arrived home when I called and was able to come pick me up quickly. I was able to do a quick turn around with other wheels I have here at the house and go back out to continue my training. Reminding me to stay humble through the friction and keep moving forward.


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