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First Race of 2022!

I am a little behind on getting this post out. Two weekends ago was my first race of the new year. It was a great escape from the cold weather, but a harsh reality when we returned to even colder weather! The family and I were blessed with a trip to Walt Disney World for the Marathon Weekend. Not only was Disney a blessing, the warm weather a blessing but it was so nice to finally be pushing outside and out of that pain cave I have created!

We got to Disney and of course the girls were excited to go to the parks. It's always hard for them to remember that the main goal of these trips is the race. So the girls set out to enjoy the parks while I stayed behind to look over my equipment and make sure everything is race ready. In doing so I ended up breaking a critical piece of my pushrim two days before the race. Luckily, I was able to borrow the piece I needed from another racer who was racing the half marathon the day before, she was kind enough to provide me with the piece for the race.

I always look forward to Disney races, the course is friendly and flat as opposed to the hills back home. The weather is always great and of course there are characters throughout the parks as we ride through them while the world around us sleeps. I am also quick to say that Disney races are also some of the hardest races. We spend multiple days before the race at the parks all day, exhausted by the end of the day. By the time race day comes around we are already tired and now we have to wake up by 2:30am. Races kick off at 5am to ensure that we are through the parks before they open to the public. Fatigue is my worse competitor here.

Overall, it was a great race. My wife and kids were up early to cheer me on (and sleep while waiting at the finish line). I had great competition and I was able to come in third. With hard effort put in, I was able to keep second place in sight for a while, though in the end he slowly pulled away. I was hoping to come in around 2 hours but I was not completely upset with my finish of 2 hrs. and 15 minutes.

We were happy to be home safely. But I am looking forward to spring time races and that warmer weather soon. Now my focus is back on training and preparing for the next race in March. Looking to see where I can improve and what needs to be modified to compete better.


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