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It Takes A Village

Family Time

I’ve heard it over and over again, I’ve even said it myself. We train 100 hours for an hour event. By the time an event comes I’ve put way more hours into my training than the short time it takes me to complete an event. I tell my girls each day when I go out for swims or rides that I am ‘going to work’. Although I do not go to a nine to five, I want the girls to see me putting all my effort into what I do. I want them to see that work needs to be done to get paid. I need them to see me putting effort into something and give them an example of making a living, even if the job I choose is not your normal nine to five.

I spend anywhere from three to five hours a day training. There are days I may only do a pushrim workout, a handcycle workout, a swim work out or the combination of two or three. By the time I am done with my workout, it is roughly noon and my wife and children are in the full swing of the day. Tes typically sneaks out early in the morning to do her workout knowing the remainder of the morning will be mine. By the time she comes home we are all waking up and she jumps right into mom/wife mode without missing a beat. With the exceptions of high priorities, we never schedule meetings or appointments before noon, allowing me to knock out my workout before or by lunchtime. Luckily this allows for me to spend the remainder of my day hanging out with my children whether we are playing or attending sports events or just relaxing at home.

With all the traveling my wife and I do for these events we are blessed to be surrounded by family who is always available to help. From Parents to our grandparents or brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles. There are a few races our kids enjoy going to. Some places we go have bonus family we stay with or fun theme parks or attractions nearby. Some places are just incredible life destinations worth taking our girls to and some races are horrible to bring children to. Many times we will either ask our children if they want to come or leave them with family so they don’t miss school. But the ‘it takes a village’ is true and a blessing in our lifestyle. Many events or meetings we would not be able to attend together without our village.

Time Off

Although the summer months tend to be more of an event break, make no mistakes we do not break. I am focused on upcoming fall races with the thought of spring races in the back of my mind. Everything running through my mind for this year is focusing on the next three years before the 2024 Paralympics. My training continues and we are looking forward to the next events, God willing.

We just spent some time with another family in Santa Rosa Beach. Going down to the beach we

planned on taking my pushrim so that I was able to get some miles in while on vacation. I knew it wouldn’t be the same training that gets done at home but something was better than nothing. I had talked to my coach before going down and had decided against swimming workouts (we have seen some of the marine life in the mornings and I was not interested in training with them).

Headed down we had planned that at the end of our vacation we would drive from Santa Rosa to Tampa (a six-hour drive) to make a fitting appointment at Carbon Bike. We are working on getting a new pushrim. I think I was dreading this trip more than the girls. We spent two days in Tampa before driving the 16-hour trip back home to Pennsylvania. Luckily for me, the women in my house have a high tolerance for me and the gift of grace, I need it all.

Back Into Fall

With the girls going back to school here soon and the silence that will be our home, I am hoping to spend the next month and a half preparing for the Boston Marathon. Currently, that is the only marathon I am planning on attending. We have hopes for a few fall and spring Paratriathlon's depending on the world events and COVID of course. Summer was busy and exciting as it always is with our family. It's difficult going from a week off and enjoying vacation, letting the world go, and then jumping back into life. It's a transition to getting back on a healthy diet and a regular workout routine. However, it is always nice having your body back in its regular working condition!


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