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Pathetic Leadership Yields Pathetic Results

I have been going back and forth on if I should voice my opinion on current events. I had debated just keeping my mouth shut. However, with military members dying because of our leadership's incompetence, it's starting to hurt. So I have decided to give my two cents.

The Taliban was always going to take back control of the country. I have shared this opinion over the years. I never saw another option after the US pulled out. I didn't think it would be as quick or swiftly as it was, but it happened that way. The disappointing thing is that we left Americans in the country before we pulled out. It should have been planned that everyone was out (that wanted to be out) before dropping security.

Though I am disappointed with this country's leadership and how weak we must look internationally. I keep trying to remind myself to put this in God's hands. I have spent a lot of time in prayer and with my family and less time looking at or scrolling through technology. I find myself becoming consumed and angry with what I am reading. I think I have finally come to a place where I can let it go and give it to God completely.

I know that my family and I are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world. I am blessed to raise my daughters in a country where they will not be held back because of their gender and they can do anything they are willing to work for.

In the meantime, I'll continue to pray for our leadership. I'll pray for our service members and their families, and I'll pray for the people of Afghanistan.

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