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Refreshed and Ready to Roll

It has been so great the sweet tease of warm days and sunshine followed by the reality of the cold winter! I am still amazed that the weather here can go from 60 degrees one day and 23 the next. I also find it funny how in the fall we walk around in 50-degree weather "freezing" and wondering how we are going to make it through winter, only to be given 50 degrees in January and roll down the car windows because it is "so hot".

But with all this nice weather comes the excitement of being able to get my tires out onto the asphalt. It is such a refreshing feeling when I am able to get outside to train. There is a completely different feeling of success after a good hard workout completed outside.

With all that being said, race season has begun, and I am excited to be focusing on upcoming events. I have an upcoming race in Sarasota, and I have buckled down and have been focusing on that. Not only have I been training on my chair and bike, but I have been following a very strict diet. I have been able to get down 7lbs since New Year's Eve. I have found in the past that weight is something that I can control, and it does impact my racing in a positive way. This is difficult when my wife and daughters suggest ice cream stops and comfort food for dinner, or the random late night cookie baking. But I have been able to say no to all the temptations they have been thrown at me (even if that means I drive them to the ice cream shop and I leave empty handed). So, I should add, I have been mentally preparing as well then.

I am hoping that my next post will be just as exciting and fill you in on how great Sarasota went! Thank you for sticking by me in these hard and more or less boring off-season posts! I am hoping that I will have more exciting posts coming as race season kicks off.

Until then,


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