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The End is Just the Beginning


November began as a break from training. My wife and I were blessed to traveled to Tennesse to celebrate a wedding of one of my marines. It was an overdue get-a-way and reunion for some of the guys I spent time in Afghanistan with. It is a blessing to see these men and catch up on where life has brought them and welcome new people into our unique "family". The day after their wedding, Tes and I drove up to Nashville to celebrate my alive day, this year marks my 11-year anniversary.

When we came home, we had finalized a new (and exciting) sponsorship from a local business, Patriot Federal Credit Union. We are excited to work with them and have their support as we move into the 2022 race season.

Sponsorship with Patriot Federal Credit Union

We celebrated Thanksgiving and (my favorite holiday) opening rifle season. Rifle season fell on Tes' and I's 12-year anniversary. She and I were able to spend some good quality time in the deer stand. It's amazing that time spent squished together whispering and laughing can make you feel as if you are far away on some magical vacation. We thoroughly enjoyed the early and cold mornings just the two of us.


As always, and what felt like more this year, December came in like a wrecking ball. With shopping lists and traditions and lights and all the to-do lists. We found ourselves getting lost in the "push" of the season and had to step back. We had to remind ourselves of the season we were about to miss and honor the celebration of the birth of Christ.

I have been training on my pushrim and handcycle in doors. This has given me time to push in front of a TV for a couple hours in the mornings and already, I am missing the outdoors. It's a mind game trying to complete a workout, but it is a great reward afterwards. It is really miserable, but there is where the gains are made for the upcoming year. Who knows, I might even become a master chef with all the "Beat Bobby Flay" I am watching.

Happy New Year

As this year comes to a close and you begin to switch your calendars and reflect on this past year, I hope you have had time to spend with your family and friends and enjoy the things that are precious and priceless. I hope that you have found joy in the greatness of life throughout the past year amid any difficulties. I hope that you and your family are in good health (both mind and body) and that you are ready for the new adventures God has prepared you for.

Happy New Year!


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