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Train Hard-Race Easy

September Triathlon

With summer coming to an end I am getting more excited for the second half of race season to begin. I have been working hard all summer at not only my physical training but focusing on my weight as well. It has been hard, especially with all the cookouts, backyard fires and random ice cream stops we make. I am focused on keeping my routine and choices consistent. After all, with the time and money put into these upcoming events, I need to be serious and focused on my goals.

This weekend I have a local event that I will be doing in my hometown. Not only will I be doing a triathlon but I will also be competing on a team in the youth division with one of my favorite 10 year-olds! I'll be competing alongside my daughter as she completes her first triathlon.


October, which I cannot believe is coming upon us as fast as it is, I will be competing in the Boston Marathon. I am looking forward to not only the marathon but racing alongside the athletes who I admire and have raced next to for years. I will be competing in the Boston Marathon with the Achilles Freedom Team. I am hoping to be competing against some top athletes in the world. This will be an opportunity to not only see where my summer training has brought me but to also see where I stand in the grand scheme of things, where my overall placing might lie. I'll hopefully be able to leave Boston knowing where I need to put more work in my training and also what areas I am doing well in. Always room to grow right?

- Zach

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